(MW61) Triple Pleaser (3Teez) Attachment

Name: Triple Pleaser (3Teez) Attachment

Model No.: AT3011
Material: Silicone
Length: 15.24cm (6.0inch)
Diameter or Width: 5.715cm (2.25inch)
Net Weight: 160g
Gross Weight: 180g
Standard Colors: White, Black

Triple the pleasure, triple the fun! With the Triple Pleaser Wand Attachment (3Teez Attachment), your wand massager is taken to a new level. This wand attachment is perfect for hitting all the right erogenous zones. This wand head fit most massager wands on the market today.

By simply placing the attachment over the head of the massager, you create a triple stimulator that will take you over the top with sexual excitement with simultaneous G-Spot, anal and clitoral stimulation. When placed over the massager head, you’ll get G-Spot stimulator, clitoral massager, and anal pleaser all in one! Here comes the length specifications:

* G-Spot Stimulator: approx 3″ of insertable length.

* Clit Stimulator: 1″ x .75″ surface area comes with nubs for extra added sensation.

* Anal Stimulator: 3.25″ of insertable length and .71″ in width.


Remarks: Sold As Adult Novelties Only.
Warranty: One Year.

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