(MW55) Off with Your Head

Name: Off with Your Head

Model No.: MH4011
Material: Silicone
Height: 2.8 inches
Diameter: 4.1 inch outer diameter (includes nubs), 2.3 inch inner diameter
Net Weight: 100g
Gross Weight: 110g
Standard Colors: Black, Pink


The Off With Your Head is a revolutionary silicone magic wand attachment that will turn your existing massager into a new and approved massage machine! It’s made of Platinum silicone that warms to body temperature and just feels luscious against tired muscles and aching joints.

Super easy to clean, the Off With Your Head is made of silicone and can be removed and washed with soap and water, or boiled to sterilize. At the back it possesses a raised ridge, at the front a three protruding fins with a lip, all of which serve to improve your massaging experience by allowing you to apply direct pressure to neck/back joints or problems muscular areas. Unlike other caps and attachments, the Off With Your Head completely replaces the white vinyl head of the Hitachi, rather than sliding over it. This allows the user to have a premium silicone replacement for the standard vinyl tip, which can stain or crack over time. Use only water-based lubricants with this attachment.

Remarks: Sold As Adult Novelties Only.
Warranty: One Year.


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